Шорты перевод на английский

шорты перевод на английский

People live a very busy life nowadays, so they have little time to spare. Still they try their best to make use of those rare hours of leisure. A hobby is a favorite pastime of each person.

Hobbies differ like tastes. People choose hobbies according to their taste and character. Someone likes simply lying on a sofa and watching TV, while others climb the mountains.

If you have found a hobby that matches your interests, lucky you! It means that you have made your life more exciting. Many people have nothing to do during their free time, though there are many different hobbies, such as reading, collecting different items, going in for sports, travelling and others.

If a person decides to collect something, he does it according to his finances: someone collects cars or pictures of world-known painters, while others collect beer cans or stamps. However, whatever they collect, it gives them lots of pleasure. Many collections started in a small way with one or two items. Some private collections are really valuable.

No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has an opportunity of learning from it.

Some young people find theatres engaging. Theatre is one of the most ancient kinds of art. For centuries people have visited it for different reasons: to relax, to be amazed or entertained, to have a good laugh, to enjoy the acting of their favorite actors and actresses.

Modern life is impossible without travelling. Many people travel by rail, by air, by sea or by road simply for pleasure.

I don’t like reading very much, but I think that it’s the most useful pastime.

If a person likes reading, he can take lots of useful information and life experience from books.

A relatively new hobby is watching TV. But I don’t think that television is a hobby at all. As for me, it’s the way of getting information. There are two viewpoints on television. Some people think that watching TV is harmful. People start forgetting how to spend their free time. It prevents them from communicating with each other, from visiting friends

or relatives. And indeed, people are used to having hobbies, going outside for entertainment, visiting theatres, cinemas, sporting events. They are used to reading books and listening to music, whereas TV replaces all these pastimes. At the same time, TV gives wonderful possibilities for getting information and for education. TV brings the whole world into our rooms.

Computers are a new hobby too. Many young people nowadays can spend an entire day playing computer games. They enjoy sitting glued to the monitors.

As for me, the first hobby I had in childhood, when I was 5 or 6 years old, was collecting pictures from the bubble gums. Later, when I was 8, I started collecting beer cans. Afterwards, my grandma threw them away ‘cause they occupied a lot of space.

And now I’m interested in cars. I always read all accessible magazines about cars ‘cause I want to know everything about their construction and production.

And, of course, like all teenagers I like computer-based activities, watching videos and going in for sports.

So as you can see there are a lot of things to do during your free time.

Сегодня люди живут очень насыщенной жизнью, поэтому у них мало свободного времени. И все же они пытаются с пользой провести те редкие часы досуга. Любимым времяпрепровождением каждого человека является хобби.

Хобби, как и вкусы, различны. Люди выбирают хобби в соответствии со своими предпочтениями и характером. Кто-то любит просто лежать на диване и смотреть телевизор, в то время как другие взбираются на горы.

Если вы нашли хобби, которое совпадает с вашими интересами, вам повезло! Это значит, что вы внесли разнообразие в свою жизнь. Многим людям нечем заняться в свободное время, хотя есть так много различных хобби, таких как чтение, коллекционирование различных объектов, занятия спортом, путешествия и т.д.

Если человек решает коллекционировать что-либо, он делает это в соответствии со своими финансами: кто-то собирает машины или картины знаменитых художников, тогда как другие собирают пивные крышки и марки. В любом случае, что бы они не коллекционировали, это доставляет им большое удовольствие. Многие коллекции начинались с малого, с одного или двух экземпляров. Некоторые частные коллекции довольно ценные.

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