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Sharing files, folders, and printers between Red Hat Fedora and Microsoft Windows 7

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Hi. I have an ASUS N61JV-X2 notebook PC with 8.00 GB of dual-channel DDR3 1,066 MHz SDRAM and an Intel 2nd Generation 2.5" MLC NAND FLASH X25-M 160.00 GB Solid State Drive running Red Hat Fedora 16 64 bit GNU/Linux. I followed the instructions to install and configure SAMBA and IPP. I am able to connect to my Canon Pixma MX870 multi-function printer and I can print documents and images to my MFP properly. My family has a Sony VAIO VPCEB35FX notebook PC running Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and an ASUS EEE PC netbook running Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit Starter Edition. I set my home networking group to MSHOME. I can not share the contents of my Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5 TB USB 2 and Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3.00 TB USB 3 hard disk drives with my family and vice versa.

How do I fix this problem so that I can share my folders and files with them? In other words, they use a Microsoft Windows 7 homegroup to connect to each other. How do I configure my Samba Server so that I can connect to their homegroup and share folders and files? I have the password for the homegroup. Alternatively, is there another method to get them to connect to my Samba Server so that they can find the contents

of both of my Seagate external hard disk drives and vice versa? How do I configure that?

I know that this must be a simple solution because I figured out the most difficult parts by following the guide carefully. I setup my firewall to allow Samba and Samba-client and echo ping and echo pong. I added my father and my mother as normal users to my Red Hat Fedora 64 bit system and I set their passwords accordingly so they should have access when I figure out how to connect them to my Samba Server. I permitted read access, but I forbade write access to my Seagate hard disk drives because that is how I want it to be. Now, I have to figure out how I can get their Microsoft Windows 7 systems to see my Samba Server and connect.

Please help me if you can with detailed step-by-step instructions. Thank you.

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I followed this guide:

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I also followed the SMB guide in post #2:

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I can see my Windows network and the computer name, but I can not log in to it. It requires a user name and password and I put in everything that I remember entering in the Samba Server configuration plus the Windows 7 32 bit Starter Edition user IDs and password and nothing works.

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