Ten Off the Beaten Paths in London

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The American infatuation with the United Kingdom is nothing new and every year thousands of American tourists flock to the British Isles to enjoy tea, scones and all that the United Kingdom has to offer. They can find their ride at Heathrow Airport Parking ‘s meet and greet lot and then be off to any number of popular tourist attractions. There are, however, some more off the beaten path places that one can visit.

1. The Grays Antiques Market in Mayfair is definitely off the beaten path, but well worth the visit if one is into antiques, and the building dating back to the nineteenth century is beautiful.

2. St. Katherine Docks is a wonderful place not far from the more often visited The Tower of London. With restaurants, shopping and other events, there is always something going on at the docks. It’s possible to occasionally stumble onto a television or movie filming as well.

3. The strip along Regent’s Canal is another spectacular place to visit with interesting restaurants and shops in East London.

4. There are a variety of airports to choose from when flying into London, and some are busier than others. If one is looking for an off the beaten path sort of airport, then Luton Airport is the perfect choice. It has great Luton Airport parking

as well.

5. The Chelsea Psychic Garden is another cool spot that has a fascinating collection of flowers and plants in London.

6. The London Wetland Centre is a definite must see for the active sort. It has over 43 hectares of land to explore with thousands of birds to see.

7. If you are a fan of As Time Goes By, you might stop at the Imperial War Museum that Lionel mentions in an episode. It’s a fascinating museum that is often missed by tourists that run off to the more famous museums like The British Museum.

8. Old Cemeteries always attract visitors who love the history and beauty that can be found. In London, there are seven Victorian cemeteries that are well worth the visit including the famousHighgate Cemetery which draws the most visitors.

9. While visiting Regent’s Canal in East London,Brick Lane is a wonderful area of quirky shops that has a dark history. It was the area where Jack the Ripper committed his atrocious acts against women.

10. Gatwick is another of the London Airports that one can choose to fly into, and a unique spot within easy driving distance from the parking at Gatwick is theAmberley Working Museum .

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