Кожаные ботфорты

кожаные ботфорты

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enchant with 22 stamina.

what you need:

the macro that you need:

type /macro

make a new one, copy and paste the bold texts below

#show sprint

/equip Marshal's Leather Footguards

/cast Sprint

this will be your new sprint, replace your old sprint icon with it. what it does is, it will try to equip the level 60 boots and then sprint, or just sprint if you are in combat.

of course, we need to equip our real boots right back on because your sprint duration has been increased to 18 seconds already.

instead of equipping the real boots back on manually every single time, we make use of the wonder feature of itemrack:

create a new set with only feet slot activated, and put your real boots there. give the set a name, name it "Test " (capitalize first letter)

click "events"

make a new one or use the existing one,

type of event is Script

in the Event Trigger field, copy and paste the bold text below


in the Event Script field, click editor, copy and paste the bold text below to the editor.

local spell = "Sprint"

local set = "Test"

if arg1=="player" and arg2==spell then


click test in the editor, if no error msg pops up, you are good to go.

click save and try it out!

i use glyph of sprint and 3 second of 100% sprint means A LOT when running the flag in WSG.

took me a whole afternoon to figure this out, as far as i know this way of utilizing sprint is original, so you are welcome, enjoy!

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